Google PAY – UPI Android App Download Offers Rewards Review

Google Pay App Review Latest Offers, Rewards, Ways to earn with Google Pay TEZ on mobile check now.

Android giant google has revolutionized the payment system recently. Every Google mode of payment like TEZ (UPI Based App), Google Wallet, Google Play Credit etc was merged into one category called Google PAY.

The mobile app was launched in late June and was an immediate success as its predecessor. Indian Government has introduced the multi-way payment facility called UPI (Unified Payment Interface). This allows the banks to transfer the fund in between two separate accounts linked to UPI app along with a valid debit card.

Requirements to use Google PAY Android App:

Like Apple Pay G-Pay is also most secure and accepted in wide range of outlets. Peer to peer transactions are done based on registered mobile number.

Android Mobiles must have OS 5.0 or higher version. Apple I-phones must be updated with latest firmware.

Check the device compatibility by visiting google play store or Apple IOS App store.

10 Major Uses of Installing Google Pay App for Online Transactions:

Send or Receive Money by using with google pay with registered mobile number.

Use G-Pay for cash less transactions at more than 1 million outlets in the country.

Earn rewards for each online transfer more than 150 rupees per transaction.

Weekly chance to win 1 Lak rupees for transacting more than 500 rupees.

Loyalty Rewards for Google Pay App Referrals of 50 rupees once the user has done a single successful transaction.

Pay utility bills, Book Movie Tickets, Reserve Bus Tickets online, Recharge Mobile, Hire Uber Rides, Order from Fresh Menu etc.

Balance Checking and Generate Payment Receiving QR code for receiving payments.

Use Google pay for Andriod Playstore Purchases, online Shopping and UPI Payment Gateways.

Setup Google Pay Business Outlet for a cash less and Chargeless payment support.

Immediate UPI Transfer with User ID, Phone Number & Hotspot activation.

Steps to Download Google PAY Mobile App: